Registry of Anthropological Data Wiki

  • Data Set Title: UCLA Rock Art Archive
  • Description: "Researchers and the public are welcome to visit the UCLA Rock Art Archive. The core of our data is our extensive private collections, donated in the interest of research and conservation. The following regions are represented: all areas of California, including the important site of Little Lake in the Rose Valley; other areas of the Far West and Southwest U.S.; Mexico and especially Baja Califonia; some easern and several Midwestern states, and the Pacific islands. We have a small teaching collection of selected European and Austrlian sites." [Excerpt from website]
  • Data and Document Types: photographs, site records
  • Topic: Art
  • Discipline: Archaeology
  • Nature of Collection: Physical, non-circulating collection that requires a form be filled out in order to gain access.
  • Location of Archive: Los Angeles, CA (UCLA)
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