Registry of Anthropological Data Wiki
  • Data Set Title: Tsimane Amazonian Panel Study (TAPS)
  • Primary Data Collector: Main Contacts: Ricardo Godoy; Victoria Reyes-Garcia; Tomas Huanca; Thomas McDade; Susan Tanner; William Leonard
  • Description:
    TAPS evaluates the effect of market exposure on a wide range of indicators of well-being and the environment by drawing on theories from economics, evolutionary biology, and cultural anthropology. The signature of the multi-disciplinary project is the collection of panel or longitudinal data— repeated observations over time from the same people, households, and villages— to permit a dynamic, comprehensive view of how larger processes taking place at regional and global scales affect the well-being of villagers and their environment. We follow about 1,800Tsimane’ in all 260 households of 13 villages along the river Maniqui, Department of Beni. Villages differed in their closeness to San Borja (mean=25.90 Km; SD=16.70). Differences in village proximity to San Borja and the longitudinal dimension of the study allow one to capture both temporal and spatial variability in market exposure.
  • Data and Document Types: Panel Data; Surveys; Experiements; Interviews
  • Topics: Society and Economy; Health and Nutrition
  • Discipline: Cultural and Biological Anthropology
  • Region: Latin America
  • Country: Bolivia
  • Language: English; Spanish; Tsimane
  • Nature of Collection:
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