Registry of Anthropological Data Wiki
  • Data Set Title: Roy Rosenzweig Papers
  • Primary Data Collector: Roy Rosenzweig (1934-2007)
  • Description: The collection largely documents Rosensweig's research and writing through articles, notes, and correspondence on New York Central Park, Worcester (Massachusetts), labor, and digital humanities work. In addition, the collection contains almost complete runs of rare history and humanities periodicals such as Radical History Review Newsletter, Historical Methods Newsletter, History Microcomputer Review, Radical Teacher, Cultural Correspondence, and Radical America. His interest and work with oral history is reflected in the Northern Virginia Oral History Project files. Although the collection dates from 1934, there are many facsimilies of documents, particularly on Central Park, that contain information prior to 1934.
  • Data and Document Types: clippings, correspondence, serials, survey data regarding demographics, CDs, DVDs, cassettes
  • Topics: labor history, oral history, New York Central Park
  • Discipline: history
  • Region: North America
  • Country: U.S.
  • Language: English
  • Nature of Collection: manuscript collection at George Mason University Library
  • Finding Aid: URL: