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  • Data Set Title: Alfred Irving Hallowell Papers
  • Description: Alfred Irving ("Pete") Hallowell was an anthropologist best known for his studies of Ojibwa culture and world-view, and the innovative use of the Rorschach Test in his studies of the psychological interrelations of individuals and their culture. Early in his career, Hallowell worked as a social case worker for Family Service, and even after moving on to study anthropology in 1920 (M.A.), he carried with him an interest in ethnic and racial culture, developing additional interests in psychological testing. Except for the years 1944-1947, when he taught at Northwestern University, Hallowell spent his entire career at the University of Pennsylvania where he was professor of anthropology, professor of anthropological psychiatry in the Medical School, and curator of social anthropology at the University Museum.
  • Date and Document Types: Correspondence, Subject Files, Research notes, and photographs
  • Topics: Ojibwa, Abenaki, psychological anthropology
  • Discipline: Ethnography, Cultural Anthropology
  • Region: North America
  • Nature of Collection: physical collection at the American Philosophical Society
  • Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania