Registry of Anthropological Data Wiki

  • Data Set Title:Film Archive of Human Ethology
  • Description: "The archives are housed in the former Research Institute of Human Ethology in Andechs near Munich which is associated with the nearby Max-Planck-Institute for Behavioural Physiology in Seewiesen. Strict guidelines have been laid down aimed at preserving the uncut original documents for future generations of scientists. The availability of this primary documentation is another methodological advantage of the Film Archive of Human Ethology, since most ethnological films have been subjected to potential manipulation through being edited and cut. Together with some old ethnological or anthropological films the older films of our Archive offer unique and unreproducible documentation of traditional societies, because some of the recorded societies have been subject to strong enculturation. The original unedited records provide opportunities for various interdisciplinary analyses of human behaviour." [Excerpt from website]
  • Data and Document Types: Audio Recordings, Photographs, Video Recordings
  • Topics: Film
  • Discipline: Anthropology, Ethnology
  • Nature of Collection: A physical collection not translated into a digital format; the website serves more for description than anything else.
  • Location of Archive: Andechs, Germany (University of Munich)