Registry of Anthropological Data Wiki

  • Name of Archive: Ethnographic Archive of the Estonian National Museum
  • Description of Archive: "In the broader sense, the current ENM is a cultural history museum with a direction towards ethnology. Our goal is to reflect everyday life, culture as a way of life by considering its social, time and space diversity. The work consentrates of Estonian culture, which is complemented by other Finno-Ugric, especially the closer small Baltic-Finnic nations. The ENM has always been and will also be in the future one of the main ethnology centers in Estonia both in the field of research, as well as teaching. The ethnology field of study of the University of Tartu has been broadly based on the assets and people of the museum. Connections with Western colleagues, which were restored a short while ago, have refreshed the museum. It has broadened our view regarding our work and created a conviction that ENM has a future." [Excerpt from the website's "About Us" section]
  • Data and Document Types: artifacts, artwork, audio recordings, photographs, video recordings
  • Country: Estonia
  • Location of Archive: Tartu, Estonia