Registry of Anthropological Data Wiki

  • Name of Archive: Cross-Cultural Dance Resources Collections
  • Description of Archive: "The Cross-Cultural Dance Resources (CCDR) Collection at the Herberger Institute School of Dance stands as a monument to the study of dance in cultural context and is particularly strong in the allied fields of dance ethnology, including: ethnochoreology, ethnomusicology, dance notation, anthropology, religious studies, sociology, area studies, and more. The uniqueness of the Collection is only further enhanced by virtue of its diversity: equal parts library, archives, and museum (including hundreds of objects of material culture, such as: costumes, musical instruments, and dolls). Central to its key archival holdings are the collected resources of Eleanor King and Gertrude Prokosch Kurath, soon to be enhanced by the addition of the personal archives of Joann Keali’inohomoku and Elsie Ivancich Dunin." [Excerpt from website]
  • Topic: Dance
  • Location of Archive: Temple, AZ (Arizona State University)