Registry of Anthropological Data Wiki
  • Data Set Title: Henry Balfour's research
  • Primary Data Collector: Henry Balfour (1863-1939)
  • Description: "[Henry Balfour] was president of the Royal Anthropological Institute, the Museums Association, the Folklore Society, the Royal Geographical Society, and a Fellow of the Royal Society. Although he only wrote one book, The Evolution of Decorative Art (1893), Balfour published numerous scholarly articles, often taking a specific type of object - from musical bows to fire-pistons or fishing-kites - and exploring its "evolutionary development" through history and across different cultures."
  • Data and Document Types: Artifacts, Manuscripts, Photographs
  • Topics: Art, Evolution
  • Discipline: Archaeology, Cultural/Social Anthropology
  • Nature of Collection: Physical collection held at Oxford University