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  • Data Set Title: Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies
  • Description:
    • "The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies opened its doors to the public in 1976, the year our nation celebrated its bicentennial birthday. The Institute has its roots in the generosity of Emily Swift Balch, 1835-1917, whose will stipulated that the family estate should be used to establish a library in the Philadelphia area if her sons died without heirs. In accordance with her wishes the library was to be named for the family whose ancestor, John Balch, arrived in America from Somerset, England, in 1658. As of January 2002, the Balch has merged with the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Materials stemming from the Balch and Balch collections, or relevant to the ethnic and immigrant experience, can be found throughout this site." [Excerpt from the Balch Institute page]
    • "[The Institute] is dedicated to collecting and interpreting materials reflecting our nation's multicultural heritage." [Excerpt from CoPAR]
  • Data and Document Type: Somewhat unclear, appears to contain books, periodicals, and possibly more material
  • Topics: Ethnicity, Immigration, Multiculturalism
  • Discipline: Anthropology, History
  • Region: North America
  • Country: United States
  • Nature of Collection: It appears that no segment of the collection is stored online.
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA (Historical Society of Pennsylvania)