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  • Name of Archive: Archive of World Music
  • Description of Archive: "The Archive of World Music, a collection of the Loeb Music Library, was established in 1976 by Professor John Ward and in 1992, with the appointment of Kay Kaufman Shelemay as Harvard's first senior professor of ethnomusicology, moved to the Loeb Music Library to become one of its special collections. It is devoted to the acquisition of archival field recordings of musics world-wide as well as to commercial sound recordings, videos, and DVDs of ethnomusicological interest. The Archive quickly attracted major collections including the James Rubin Collection of Indian Classical Music (probably the largest collection of Indian classical music in the U.S.), the Kay Kaufman Shelemay Collection of Ethiopic Musics, the Sema Vakf Collection of Turkish Classical Music (probably the largest outside of Turkey), the Laura Boulton Collection of Byzantine and Eastern Orthodox Chant, the Eduard Alekseyev Fieldwork Collection of the Musical Cultural of Yakutia, the Stephen Blum Collection of Music from Iranian Khorāsān, and the Rubén Blades Archive. Collection development has focused primarily on the Middle East, Asia (broadly understood), and Africa." [Excerpt from the website's home page]
  • Data and Document Types: audio recordings, fieldnotes
  • Location of Archive: Harvard University